The term Marketing means many things to different people. Basically, anything that promotes your business falls under the marketing umbrella.
Services for you include:

All of these elements generate leads and sales when properly implemented. Most small businesses try to do marketing themselves, with fair to poor results. Effective marketing requires training and experience; strategy; techniques; a special skill set; and creativity. Priscilla teaches you these things, and helps you execute essential marketing tasks.


To be successful, MARKETING must be an ongoing, consistent effort.

It takes time for promotional messages to take hold in consumers’ minds.  It takes time to identify and implement the right mix of marketing activities to achieve results. There isn’t one ‘silver bullet’ that will suddenly make sales skyrocket. Most marketing efforts fail because an ongoing marketing plan is not in place.

We believe in Marketing

We've seen how effective it can be when done correctly and consistently. We enjoy helping small businesses to increase and improve their promotional efforts – even with a minimal budget.

You wouldn’t let your secretary fix your computer, or your accountant run your sales department. Who is planning and executing your (critical) marketing efforts? If you are ready to let an experienced marketing director help you, please browse this site. We welcome all questions!

Important Questions to Gauge your Marketing Efforts:

  • Are you devoting substantial time and effort into marketing activities? (However important SALES are to you, then marketing needs to be equally important). 
  • Do you know you need to do more (and different) marketing tasks but lack the time and/or experience to execute them successfully?
  • Are your messages consistent across all platforms - website, social media, mailings, emails, etc.?
  • Would you benefit from an experienced marketing manager who could increase and improve your marketing communications, while advising you on your advertising and marketing decisions?

Priscilla welcomes your call, and a quick chat by phone costs you nothing. 

Overview of what Priscilla can do for your business:

Helping small businesses and self employed professionals to increase their sales. This is done by improving their marketing communications, coaching them on better use of social media and online marketing, providing lead generating activities, creating and implementing a Marketing Plan. Clients pay hourly or choose an affordable monthly services package. Friendly, helpful, enthusiastic support for your business.  

Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie Counties and the Orlando area, as well as clients throughout Florida and the U.S.


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