In larger companies, it is usually the marketing director who makes advertising decisions. The marketing director may come up with the concepts for print and online advertisements on their own or work in conjunction with an advertising agency.

Priscilla has a background in advertising, having worked at a major ad agency in Fort Lauderdale early in her career and also having done freelance work for other advertising agencies over the years. She has a fabulous creative team.

 If you need:

- Ideas for great ads  and ad campaigns (print, online or broadcast)
- Recommendations on where to advertise
- Effective headlines for advertisements
- Exceptional graphic design for your ads

…then you are in good hands. The creative team here at Marketing by Priscilla can assist you in making all of your advertisements as effective as possible. We specialize in words that sell. Our rates are lower than a typical advertising agency, yet you receive the same level of service and the quality of work that you would expect. Contact us for any inquiry about advertising your business.

Public relations:

We are not a PR agency. If you need full blown campaigns with mass distribution, you should contact a public relations firm.

However, most often, our small business clients only need local distribution of their news. We will write an exceptional press release for your announcement, and if you like, we will distribute it for you.

We do two things with press releases: we submit them via e-mail to various local media contacts and we post them to various free online PR websites. We have a PR list of the main local media outlets such as the Sun Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, smaller newspapers and magazines in Broward and Palm Beach County, and some of the TV and radio stations. We follow up our press release submissions with a phone call.

We also have about a dozen online news and PR websites where press releases can be posted or submitted at no charge. What this accomplishes is that whenever people search for your business name or the keywords in your press release title, they will see an entire page of results. This makes your business look well established and successful, as well as online savvy. It also shows that your news and announcements are important.

Contact us for any inquiry about writing a press release and distribution of news releases. Thank you.

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