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There are many choices out there when you need sales literature and marketing materials.  Graphic designers and print shops are everywhere.  But when you choose someone to do your materials, you are taking a chance on whether they truly know MARKETING.  Will they write and design your piece to be highly effective for its purpose?  Do they consider your target audience when producing the piece?

For example, you may have a lovely design on a postcard, but it might not get a single response.  “It was eye catching, colorful, big – why didn’t we get any calls?” you might say.  Well, it probably didn’t have the right call to action (or maybe it had no call to action at all!).  Maybe the offer wasn’t stated properly or the benefit of acting on the offer wasn’t clearly communicated.  Or, maybe the wording used didn’t speak to the age or demographic of the recipients.




There is more to literature creation than a nice layout.  The content, the message, the branding and the overall appeal of the piece have to be considered.  And that is what we do at Marketing & Events by Priscilla.  We create postcards, brochures, fliers, Biography sheets, booklets, reports and more…always with the audience and purpose in mind. 

If you don’t have a logo, we will create one for you for a minimal fee (typically $80 to $150).  We believe that every business should have a logo, and every business should have a website.  These are mainstays of business in today’s marketplace.

Quotes on any materials are Free.  We can provide a quote with or without printing (we have the best printers for the lowest price in the area).   And Priscilla does a final proofread on every piece, making sure there are no errors.  She is the writer and editor of all materials produced for our clients.  You will be very, very pleased with the literature that we create.  Finally – you will have materials that you proud of – and, that get results.

Contact us when you need literature that is attractive and affordable – not to mention, effective.

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