Providing networking tips and coaching for clients, as well as attending networking events on our client’s behalf


When someone says that networking doesn’t work, Priscilla immediately questions their networking knowledge and abilities. No matter what business you are in or what type of company you are trying to earn business for, meeting people and sharing your business information with them is always beneficial. It is simply a matter of weeding through the crowd to focus on the right people, and making sure that proper follow-up is done to develop a relationship with them —or at least, to have them take notice of and remember you and your business.


On average, we must reach out to a prospect four or five times before they are likely to think of our business and potentially purchase our goods or services. This means that meeting someone at a networking event or other function is just the first step. They then must be put through the sales relationship process to take them from being an uninterested stranger to an acquaintance or associate that likes and trusts you.


Priscilla presents a very informative networking class for individuals or groups. She provides beneficial information and advice to help all professionals network more effectively. Any time you are networking, you become a marketing representative for your business, and so you need this marketing training. Doesn’t that make sense?


In addition to providing advice and instruction on effective networking, Priscilla has assistants who will attend events on behalf of our clients. We represent you when you cannot personally be there. Maybe you belong to a Chamber of Commerce, an alumni group, or some other professional organization. Yet you are unable to attend their functions. We can attend, give out your business cards, or give out special imprinted piece just for networking purposes—a small 3” x 4” card that Priscilla calls “teaser cards” or “promo cards”… and, you guessed it, they have a special offer or call to action on them.


To schedule a personal or group session with Priscilla to experience this 90 minute networking course, please call 561-463-2826, or use the contact form on this website.

Should you become a monthly retainer client with ongoing marketing services being provided, attending one or two networking events per month can be part of your package.



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