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Telemarketing can work. Many of us don’t like it because we ourselves have received annoying calls from telemarketers. However, while it is not right for every business, it can be very effective for certain types of businesses and certain audiences. For example, calls to nonprofit organizations alerting them to a service that they need and a discount that they can receive on that service is going to be of interest to some if not many of them. Calls to businesses in November offering to take care of their client gift-giving needs in December can be music to their ears.

While Priscilla does not recommend spam calls—cold calling that does not make sense and that the recipient would be annoyed by—she does recommend using the phone to relay certain messages, offers or invitations. She provides telemarketing calls done at a rate of just $16 per hour. Depending on the call and the script, 12 to 25 calls are done in an hour’s time. (for campaigns above 200 calls total, an outside telemarketing firm will be utilized).

The key to the effectiveness of our telemarketing is that Priscilla writes the most effective script. She then practices the script with her callers. Just like with advertising and direct mail, the wording is everything. The right teaser, the right message, and the right call to action is essential. If you have attempted to do telemarketing calls in the past and they did not work well, it may have been because you did not have a very good script. Script writing is just $50.


To ask a question about telemarketing/sales calls being done for you or to request script writing, call 561-463-2826 were use the contact form on his website. We will do our very best for you.

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