For the first 10 years of her career, Priscilla was employed in the agency environment—first as a writer at a public relations agency in Pittsburgh, then senior copywriter at Zimmerman advertising agency in Ft. Lauderdale, followed by communications manager at a large marketing communications firm. From there, Priscilla went on to hold Marketing Director positions for several companies. 
In her positions, she was responsible for business-to-business communications, consumer communications and campaigns, tons of writing, and creative concepts for ads and campaigns…as well as many other promotional tasks. From strategic planning for sales teams to training of new writers or marketing assistants, Priscilla became experienced at identifying, communicating and implementing sales and marketing initiatives. 

Her diverse career has led her to give presentations, oversee sales meetings, and work closely with business owners, managers, sales and marketing executives. Whether your role is primarily sales or marketing—Priscilla brings a fresh outside view, and can critique your activities and methods. Not only can she help you identify best practices, she can help you hone your sales and marketing skills.

She presents Marketing Training classes to groups, upon request – empowering them to better handle their promotions and business communications.

Here are just some of the business clients that Priscilla has served in her career:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • NationsBank
  • Kids In Distress
  • Great Expectations
  • The Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Addiction Recovery Legal Service
  • The Earnhart Law Firm
  • The Conde Center
  • BARD Marketing
  • MJS Advertising
  • The HOW Center – Holistic Organic Wellness
  • Balkan & Patterson Law Firm

As well as political candidates, dozens of small businesses, and several non-profit organizations. 

Currently, Priscilla lives in Palm City, and serves clients in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. Her primary service is providing top-notch WRITING AND CONTENT for her clients, while tweaking their marketing materials to be the best that they can be!


She is able to provide several ideas and concepts for any creative project, for your consideration. And if for any reason you don’t love one of her first drafts, she will go back to the drawing board, at no extra charge, and give you another round of ideas.

From events to printed materials, advertising campaigns to TV and Radio ads (scripts) – let Priscilla wow you!

A 10-minute conversation about your project or needs will cost you $0. And, the first time you use Priscilla’s services, you get a $30 CREDIT toward your next project! This is your Thank You gift for giving her a try, and discovering what she can do.

Priscilla works with top-notch web developers and graphic designers, to meet all your creative needs. Quotes on any project are FREE.

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