Communications are things that we do frequently, every day, and often without much thought. In business, this can be a grave error. Dashing off e-mails to prospects or clients, sending out poor quality or ineffective direct mail pieces, or utilizing an untrained person to write communications for your business—all of these can negatively impact your business goals (and your sales).


Consider how important your business communications are. From sending a nice note card to an associate or distributing your weekly e-mail to your list, the wording you choose is critical. Yet often, businesses write their own copy and create their own communications without a professional eye reviewing these things.


Often people will show Priscilla a handout they created, or a postcard that they sent out, or an advertisement they ran, and say “It didn’t get me anything.” And when she critiques it, they shake their heads and say "I didn’t think of that” or “I didn’t realize that.”.


She points out the marketing mistakes of the piece, and explains how the copy could have been improved. Also the visual effectiveness could have been enhanced.


If you are undergoing the expense of mailings, letters, sales literature, e-mail campaigns and the like—it is extremely wise to also spend a little bit extra to ensure that these things are well written and effective from a marketing standpoint.  After all, if they don’t get results, you wasted the money.


Priscilla offers free critiques of your existing communications pieces during your complimentary MARKETING ANALYSIS. Our creative team can quickly and affordably produce any communications that you might need. Contact us for any inquiry about professional communications for your business. 561 463 2826

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