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Who is writing your business communications and marketing materials? Are you writing your own promotional letters or emails? Tsk, tsk….
Read on, friends, and discover a quick way to improve your marketing results!

The written word is a powerful tool in business. Words can make money, or they can accomplish nothing. The importance of “sales writing” is often overlooked.

It Pays to Use a Professional

It takes a professional copywriter who truly has a command of words – grammar – and style – to achieve noticeable results. How often do we see a well-designed, attractive piece that doesn’t read well or is chock full of blurbs and too much copy? Or have you ever wondered why your advertisement didn’t work?

Whether you’re creating sales literature or an e-newsletter…or you want a website that performs better, you’ve come to the right place. And by the way – even if people find your site, it doesn’t mean they’ll buy your product. They might read one sentence and click away. That’s why it is critical to have WORDS THAT SELL on your home page – and every other page.

Copy That Sells

Creating sales-oriented copy is a skill and a talent. If it weren’t, then every website and piece of product literature would be effective. The truth is, few writers fully understand how to write for the web, and how to write to sell.  Priscilla specializes in Sales and Marketing writing, and has 30 years of experience. She has written countless sales letters, press releases, advertisements, and direct mail pieces, as well as articles and biographies, speeches and presentations. She has won creative awards and writing competitions.

Using MARKETING BY PRISCILLA for your copywriting needs ensures that your materials and websites will:

-Grab your audience
-Spark and hold their interest
-Make them want what you have to offer
-Get them to respond to your call to action




Effective AND Affordable

We give you affordable, professional writing for:

Newsletters, Brochures, Ads (print and broadcast), Biographies, Resume’s, Letters, Direct Mail, Booklets, Guides, Reports, Speeches, Press Releases, and of course, effective Website content. Whatever it is that you are producing, consider the importance of having high quality, experienced writing and editing. Writing Samples provided upon request, or view our extensive portfolio during your Initial Consultation. Quotes for any writing project are free. 
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PLUS – we’ll get your project done FAST!  You can expect a quick turnaround. Most writing jobs are completed within 2 to 5 business days!

Remember, Good writing increases your response and results. Contact us today.

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