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Doing your own Marketing and Promotion? OR is your Marketing being handled by an inexperienced employee?  

  You can greatly IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS with affordable COACHING AND TRAINING offered by 28-year Marketing veteran, Priscilla Speicher.


Priscilla’s theory: Don’t just pay someone to do your Marketing for you. Learn how to do certain key marketing activities yourself!

What is more important to your business than SALES? And Sales are driven by good Marketing. Yet many small businesses fail to invest the time, effort and financial resources to adequately promote their business. They wonder why nothing works and why they can’t get more business. Or maybe your results are mediocre, and you’d like to give your sales and marketing a boost.


Meeting with Priscilla (in person or via Skype) gives you access to a 100K per year Marketing executive for an affordable rate of just $59 to $75 per hour (price depends on a few factors). You can use this time to:


-Create a Marketing Plan (businesses who stick to a written plan get far better results)


-Identify/build your brand and image and learn how to promote that brand and achieve that image you desire


-Sit side by side at the computer working on your Facebook, Linked In, or other online accounts


-Receive invaluable instruction on Marketing Communications, Client Loyalty/Customer Retention, Lead Generation, Advertising, and other critical Marketing functions


Certainly, Priscilla and her team of talented vendors can (affordably) implement Marketing activities for you. And these quotes are available anytime. But you’re wise to take advantage of her Coaching and Training services to educate yourself and or any members of your staff. Just call Priscilla to get started. Serving Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Boynton, Lake Worth, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm City – all of Palm Beach and Martin Counties.


NOTE that your FIRST session with Priscilla is just $59 for 90 Minutes – some restrictions apply, to be discussed when you inquire. You may also e-mail Priscilla anytime at

Priscilla’s Credentials & ABILITIES


For the first 10 years of her career, Priscilla was employed in the agency environment—first as a writer at a public relations agency, then senior copywriter at Zimmerman advertising agency, followed by communications director at a large marketing communications agency. From there, Priscilla went on to hold Marketing Director positions for several companies.  


In her positions, she was responsible for business-to-business communications, consumer communications and campaigns, tons of writing, and creative concepts for ads and campaigns…as well as many other promotional tasks. From strategic planning for sales teams to training of new writers or marketing assistants, Priscilla became experienced at identifying, communicating and implementing sales and marketing initiatives.  


Her diverse career has led her to give presentations, oversee sales meetings, and work closely with business owners, managers, sales and marketing executives. Whether your role is primarily sales or marketing—Priscilla brings a fresh outside view, and can critique your activities and methods. Not only can she help you identify best practices, she can help you hone your sales and marketing skills.


In her career, Priscilla has served the following clients:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Kids In Distress
  • Great Expectations
  • The Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Addiction Recovery Legal Service
  • The Earnhart Law Firm
  • The Conde Center
  • BARD Marketing
  • MJS Advertising
  • The HOW Center

As well as political candidates, dozens of small businesses, and several non profit organizations.  


GROUP TRAINING and classes available, negotiable rates, just inquire!

This is a great investment in your business success. Your inquiries are welcome - feel free to request references or testimonials.

 Schedule your coaching session  Your first meeting is just $59 for 90 minutes!




Who Has Priscilla Helped?

Here are the types of people who have hired Priscilla for consulting and coaching:

- Sales Representatives, Marketing representatives and Sales directors
- CEOs and company presidents
- New business owners
- New managers / management teams
- Divisions, Departments or staff groups that want to improve their understanding of marketing, promotion, communications and sales

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