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The services listed here are many and varied. All have one thing in common – they are promotional in nature and designed to ultimately generate leads and increase sales. Any service can be further explained during your INITIAL CONSULTATION & NEEDS ANALYSIS.

Please note that Quotes on any single service or bundle of services (monthly marketing package) are FREE. You can hire Priscilla and her team on a per-project or monthly retainer basis LINKS TO PRICING PAGE. Our rates are very affordable, and remember – this is an investment in the long term success of your business. 

Don’t make costly marketing and advertising mistakes!
Promotion is more effective when handled by an experienced Marketing professional. Company President Priscilla Speicher has been a career marketing executive & marketing writer for 26 years. Her team includes the best web gurus, writers and graphic designers.

Services include:

Consulting & Coaching  (Marketing advisement, Sales coaching)

Literature & Collaterals  (Writing & design of brochures, post cards, etc.)

Websites & Online  (Content writing, web design, banner ads, facebook, etc)

Broadcast & Video  (script writing, filming, editing, posting your video online)

Public Relations  (Press release writing & distribution, publicity ideas)

Advertising  (Concepts, writing & design of quality, effective ads)

Networking  (Attending events on your behalf to get your name out there, also staffing your Expo table)

Telemarketing  (Calls made to invite prospects to events or alert them to an upcoming mailing / offer)

Creative (slogans / taglines, headlines for ads, business or event names, Logo design, etc. When you need a creative idea, we’ve got it for you!)

Narration & Voiceovers for videos and commercials

Graphic Design (logos, ads, banners, signs, shirts, you name it)

INTERESTED IN MARKETING CONSULTING?  In just one session you can develop a basic marketing plan to follow. Get ideas, recommendations, information, and strategies. Identify the most affordable promotional opportunities. Learn how to implement certain marketing tasks yourself.
$45 for one hour, $60 for 90 minutes.

We provide outstanding Sales & Marketing Copy / Content, which is quoted by project/by the piece. See our Copywriting page for more details.

If you have a promotional task or service that you need which is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to make an inquiry. Our team is diverse and our skills are many!

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